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Second Just Cause 2 DLC pack coming May 25 [update]


The Just Cause 2 website has official news on the game's first two DLC packs. We'd already heard about the April 29 "Black Market Aerial Pack" (which will give you a new Jet Fighter to play with, along with a parachute addon to create a little more breeze), but less than a month later, May 29 [update: May 25] will bring the "Black Market Boom Pack," with a Quad Rocket Launcher, Cluster Bomb Launcher, and an Air Propulsion Gun, which fires jet blasts powerful enough to send both soldiers and vehicles flying. You don't really get bonus points for saying, "This... is my boom pack," after sending said enemies into the air, but we'll pretend that you do.

Both packs will be $1.99 on PSN, or 160 ($2) from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Also on the official Just Cause 2 blog: you'll find YouTube videos of the game being played back at both slow- and fast-speed, showing off slow motion and time-lapse views of the impressive in-game world. We've put both of them after the break in case you want to give them a look.

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