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'Mega Man Universe' trademark filed by Capcom


Capcom just wrapped up its Captivate 2010 showcase, but it appears the publisher skipped mention of one planned project: "Mega Man Universe." The title was recently filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, but details of the "goods" are currently as mysterious as Dr. Wily's sociopathic origins (though we posit his mom forced him to eat Marmite as a kid.)

The Mega Man Universe trademark is broadly classified as "computer game software," in addition to a range of more specific classifications, including downloadable game, mobile game and screen saver -- all potential uses of a new Mega Man series.

Mega Man Universe is not definitely a new spin-off series for the franchise, however, it could also be another best-of Blue Bomber compilation, like the comprehensive Mega Man Anniversary Colllection; or it could be just about anything. The "universe" encompasses a lot of possibilities, after all.

[Via Siliconera; Supererogatory]

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