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LOGIN conference hosting two panels on game addiction


It's been pretty hard, but after 45 straight minutes of arguing with ourselves, we were able to pull away from Imagine Babyz long enough to get some work done. And who woulda guessed it, the very first post we sit down to write happens to be about the upcoming Login Conference in Seattle, an event which includes not just one but two panels specifically dedicated to video game addiction.

Author and psychotherapist Hilarie Cash will be presenting the (tautologically delicious) "Games and Addiction: The Addictive Power of Games," a panel that examines the correlation between addictive gameplay and "something that is truly addictive." The second panel again features Cash, this time alongside Entertainment Science's Darion Rapoza, with discussion moderated by EEDAR's Geoffrey Zatkin, and will further discuss the first panel's subject. For those of you looking to attend (and not stand up and shout during either of the panels), more information can be found on the conference's official website.

[Via GamePolitics]

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