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Mahru robot dances via telepresence, Kate Gosselin never had it so good (video)


We are such suckers for a cute robot. Take Mahru, for instance -- every time it does a jig or grabs a slice of toast we are charmed just a little bit more. And while the thing is impressive, it might be the manner with which they program the device that might be the most interesting part. Apparently, the gang at KIST have a system in place whereby an operator can wear a motion capture suit and send movements to the robot in real-time (well, mostly real-time -- there is still quite a bit of lag below the waist, so to speak). The video below shows said operator waving his arms and moving his torso, only to have the robot mirror his every move. Wild, huh? And if that ain't enough, the thing has learned a dance or two since we last laid eyes on it. Talk about giving Asimo a run for his money! Peep for yourself after the break.

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