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Crapgadget: countdown to extinction, home edition

Laura June

Feast your eyes upon the bloated list of horrific wares we've dug up from the dregs of the 'net for you this fine, delicious afternoon. Most of these "gadgets" are of the home-making variety, so will you waste your money on the R2-D2 vacuum, telling yourself that it'll motivate you to do that spring cleaning before fall arrives? Or will you lay down a bit of cash for the "toilet sound blocker" which spares you the intense, buzz-killing embarrassment of allowing other people in the vicinity to hear you flushing the toilet? Will you instead reach into your wallet to make the USB seat cooler your own (you know, since seats are so very hot)? No? Well, there's some other, even less interesting crap available too. Enjoy. Oh, and be sure to check out the Chicken Burger USB hub. It's the breast.

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