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Halo: Reach marketing buzz takes a bald new step (this is about hair clippers)

The Halo Reach clippers, guaranteed to take you from Brute to Spartan™

Paired to go along with the beginning of the early access "friends and family" beta for Halo: Reach came the above tool, some seemingly military-grade Oster hair clippers, bundled in a heavy duty Pelican case that probably cost more than the clippers themselves. Inscribed with the URL – haven't you seen the short yet? – and delivered at the oh-so-welcome hour of 7am, the package contained another treat: a copy of Halo 3: ODST.

Of course, that ODST disc won't gain you access to the beta until May 3rd, but luckily this morning's announcement of a partnership between Halo Reach developer Bungie and Activision – solidifying the dev's departure from Microsoft, Halo, and platform-exclusivity – will give you plenty to think about over the next four days. Check out the entire kit in the gallery below while we figure out the best way to give it to a reader.

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