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Louis Vuitton selling an iPad case you don't need


Luxist is our luxury-obsessed sister blog here at Weblogs, Inc, and even though I'm just a poor blogger, I still enjoy browsing through their site every day, checking out all of the stuff I don't need and can't buy. Enter the Louis Vuitton iPad case, patterned canvas cases made by the famous French fashion brand that provide a very stylish sleeve for your Apple tablet. I especially like the notches in the top to show off the Home button -- you'd never actually need to press that button without seeing the screen, but I suspect it's there to just show enough of the iPad that you can prove to any onlookers that that's what you're carrying around.

They're $365, which is almost as much as the iPad itself, but as with most luxury items, if you're worried about the price, you probably shouldn't be buying them anyway. Just in case you do have more money than sense, these will go on sale sometime next year. In the meantime, if you need any $400 cases made from felt, we should talk.

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