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Motorola CLIQ XT update rolling out -- and no, it's not Android 2.1

Chris Ziegler

The CLIQ's keyboardless cousin is getting a software update as we speak -- but unfortunately, it's probably not quite what you were hoping for. In fact, the T-Mobile Community board post officially announcing the CLIQ XT upgrade had to specifically call out the fact that this isn't Android 2.1, proof positive that there's a ton of interest in getting these things on something fresher than the 1.5 they launched on. Anyhow, the update still looks like a good one, promising to improve "overall phone performance" and tweak visual voicemail, Bluetooth, touchscreen accuracy, messaging, and camera issues. T-Mobile says you're welcome to wait for the on-screen notification, or you can manually check for the update in Settings and you should be able to pick it up. Good luck, folks.

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