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Motorola RAZR3 comes back from the dead for a very special hands-on video


While you're still trying to decide whether or not we've entered the post-Moto era (maybe recent sales numbers were but a mere hiccup) might we interest you in a hands-on of Motorola's doomed RAZR3 (aka Ruby)? Featuring an improved interface, GPS, FM radio, and a touchscreen, this would have been the phone to beat -- in 2006. For a closer look at the dumphone that almost was, check out the video after the break.

Update: Of course, if you're in South Korea you can buy one of these beauts -- there it is called the KLASSIC, of all things. How did we forget to mention that? Maybe because it's South Korea. Or maybe because it's a RAZR? Yeah, probably the second one. As an Engadget reader who actually worked on the phone pointed out, the handset "is a joy to use. In the end it received a 5MP autofocus camera, which takes great pictures, and the camera application has more 'knobs' and F-stop and ISO adjustments than I know what to do with. I used it quite a bit in for shooting closeup pictures of small failed components in my day-to-day business work. It is pretty neat to be able to navigate much of the phone from the outside screen." Thanks for the tip, Dan!

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