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PoxNora Maljaran Frontier expansion goes live

Jef Reahard

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the thirteenth expansion for PoxNora, their browser-based CCG/RTS hybrid. The turn-based fantasy game, which can also be played via Facebook, now offers adventurers the chance to delve into a campaign set on the mystical island of Maljara.

The expansion looks to ramp up the war between factions via new runes and abilities. The Maljaran Frontier also adds a new map and soundtrack to the game, and furthers the story to include the death of a PoxNora hero.

The Maljaran Frontier includes 78 new runes, a new single player campaign featuring eight missions, new races (Leoss and Kanen), new player avatars, and server disconnect protection. Players will be able to freely access three of the eight new missions, with the remaining five available in the game's marketplace.

Check out the expansion announcement over at the official site.

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