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Quake Live update makes it easier to frag friends


Worried about Stranger Danger in Quake Live? Well, the still-in-beta browser-based frag-em-up has been updated, allowing would-be murderers the ability to invite friends to their match or join their pals' sessions currently in progress. Why you would want to hurt your friends in this manner, we'll never know.

On a less backstabbery note, this update brings another interesting change that's currently only in private testing: the "Start a Match" feature. This particular function grants leagues and players the ability to start their own servers. Then, you can set the game to have no password, enable invite-only servers and even designate your own map cycle. Sadly, there's no word as of when this will be available to all participants.

For the full list of changes in the latest update, hit up the Quake Live forums.

[Via Bethesda Blog]

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