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Want a last second 3G iPad? Try Best Buy


Are you looking to track down a last-second iPad 3G? TUAW is receiving tips from all over the country. Best Buy seems to be the place to pick up an unreserved 3G iPad, quantities permitting. TUAW reader Bill writes, "In Albuquerque, by 3pm, the line went half way around the Apple store. Meanwhile, at Best Buy, there were only 15 in stock but at 5pm they still had some available."

Surfeast told us he picked up his iPad 3G "from Best Buy in Wilmington NC. No lines no hassles walked in at 4:40 and out at 5:04. Limited Supply and all gone by now." Jebz did as well, writing, "I too got one at Best Buy in Cuyahoga Falls OH. Last one of 15 in line. 20 minute wait and no prob..." Iamwatson also reported success. "I just got an iPad 3G from my Best Buy in Mobile, AL. They had 25 of them ranging in sizes."

So you want an iPad 3G? Didn't get one at Apple today? You know who to start calling and visiting next. And don't forget your local Apple Authorized service provider!

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