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Get your name or handle in Crysis 2 as graffiti


Look, we get it. You found a primo slab of stone that's just aching to have your name emblazoned all over it in big, funky letters. There's just one problem: it's illegal.

So how about slapping your name or handle onto a virtual wall? That's what Crytek is offering 50 lucky winners in its latest game, Crysis 2. It's a Twitter-based contest, so you'll need to follow @Crysis and fire off the appropriate tweet below, given your region:

  • UK: Hey @Crysis, I want you to put my name in the game! #Crysis2contestUK
  • US/Canada: Hey @Crysis, I want you to put my name in the game! #Crysis2contestNA
  • Germany: Hey @Crysis, Ich mochte meinen Namen im Spiel sehen! #Crysis2contestDE
Act quickly, because the contest concludes on May 3. Oh how we can't wait to see all of the "Pothead McSmokesweeds" and "XxBlazingMad420zxXs" when we're running through a dilapidated New York city!

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