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New details and screenshots of EverQuest II's New Halas

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you're a fan of EverQuest II you are undoubtedly excited about the addition of New Halas to the game. Any and all information on the new area is welcomed by players. Sony Online Entertainment recently obliged their fan base with a wealth of new information, plus over a dozen screenshots to round it out.

You'll be able to access New Halas from two different areas depending on your experience. New characters will need to go to Pilgrim's Landing just off the main island, while more experienced characters can take a griffin from the Butcherblock Docks. Once you've arrived, there are over 80 quests in the area -- more than enough to keep every visitor busy exploring for quite a while.

If you're enough of a fan of New Halas that a temporary visit just isn't enough, you may just be in luck. Good or neutral aligned races and classes have the option to earn citizenship and make a permanent home on New Halas. Check out the gallery below for a look at the upcoming area, and check out the EverQuest II site for all the latest details.

Gallery: New Halas | 14 Photos

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