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How to resell your iPad


Now that the 3G iPad has been released in the US, many users are looking to sell their Wi-Fi models to make room for its better-connected counterpart. Fortunately, the process of restoring an iPad to its factory settings is easy. Here's how to sell your old (if 28 days can be considered "old") iPad.

Restore to factory settings

We assume you've been using your Wi-Fi iPad, so it undoubtedly contains data. Removing it is quite simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. On your iPad home screen, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap General in the menu to the left of the screen, then tap Reset.
  3. Here, you will have two options: "Reset All Settings" and "Erase All Content and Settings." The former will restore all of your app settings to their original status. The latter will reset all app settings and erase all of your data (photos, apps, bookmarks, music, etc.). Choose "Erase All Content and Settings."
That's it! After selecting one of the two options above, your iPad will reboot. Since you selected "Erase All Content and Settings," the iPad must be re-connected to iTunes in order to be activated. Leave that for your buyer to do.

Where to sell?

You've got a few options here. Ebay has set up a special iPad sales page at There you'll find current auctions, iPad specs, reviews and appearances in the media, including the Letterman bit and lots of photos. We've also heard reports of iPads selling quite well on Craigslist.

While you wait for a sale, follow the action with the official Ebay app (for iPhone and iPad) or Craigslist app (iPhone and iPad). Finally, access your loot with the Paypal app. All of these apps are free.

[Ed: And if all else fails, Schramm still wants one. Just mail it out to him.]

Prepare for shipment

If you're hand-delivering the iPad, you needn't fuss with packaging and shipping. If you're mailing it away, you've got a few additional steps to follow. First, place it back in its original box (you did save the box, right?) with the standard equipment: charger, cable, brief pamphlet and the Apple stickers if you're feeling generous. Put the whole thing in a padded envelope and send it off.

If not, you'll want to protect it. Some good bubble wrap and packing peanuts will serve you well. If you're the paranoid type, UPS retail stores offer a spray-in foam that conforms to the shape of the item being shipped. Just note, it's pricey.

There you have it. With a few short steps, you can restore your iPad to factory settings, offer it up for sale, monitor the bidding war and finally send it along to its eager new owner. Happy selling!

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