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Palm Pixi Plus hits Vodafone Spain on May 10, Pre Plus conspicuously missing

Chris Ziegler

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Wherever the Pre goes, the Pixi typically likes to follow, which makes it pretty interesting to see that Vodafone Spain will be launching Palm's new GSM flavor of the Pixi Plus on the 10th of this month without any sign of its Pre Plus sibling. That's a marked departure from the line Vodafone and O2 have both been taking in other markets, so it makes you wonder: does Vodafone think that the Pre Plus won't sell well here (it already offers the Pre), is there some firmware issue holding back the localized version, or is there some other mysterious conspiracy brewing altogether? At any rate, follow the break for Palm's press release.

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Palm Pixi Plus Available Soon for Vodafone Customers in Spain

MADRID--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Palm, Inc. (NASDAQ: PALM) today announced that the Palm® Pixi™ Plus phone will be available in Spain with Vodafone on May 10.

"We are excited to bring the Palm Pixi Plus to Spain for Vodafone customers. Consumers will be able to benefit from the unprecedented power and ease of use afforded them with the award-winning Palm webOS experience," said Katie Mitic, senior vice president, Product Marketing, Palm, Inc. "With Pixi Plus, customers across Spain will be able to get more done by staying connected and never missing a thing."

"This agreement with Palm is a great opportunity for Vodafone Spain. Our customers will now have a wider range of smartphone models that provide mobility solutions for their professional needs but also allow them to leverage the advantages of the phone's leisure features," said Ignacio Román, Mobiles Business director, Vodafone Iberia.

As Palm's thinnest phone to date, Pixi Plus fits easily in your hand or pocket and offers a host of powerful features. It's great for work and also for social communicators who want an affordable phone with a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard instantly accessible for messaging and web content. With the Palm Pixi Touchstone™ Back Covers and the Palm Pixi Artist Series Back Covers, which are compatible with the Touchstone Charging Dock, you can easily switch covers to suit your mood and style (all sold separately at

Pixi Plus showcases the defining features of Palm webOS™, including the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously and easily move between them; the power of Palm Synergy™, which brings customers' information from the many places it resides into a single, more comprehensive view; unobtrusive notifications; and universal search.(1) Palm webOS also has a unique model of over-the-air software updates that delivers new features and performance improvements directly to a user's phone. Past updates have included support for video recording, allowing webOS customers to use their phones in fun, new ways.

A significant advantage of Palm webOS applications is that they can be integrated into the core webOS experience, including linked contacts, layered calendars, notifications and GPS, providing a rich catalog of innovative and unique offerings for Palm webOS users. The growing Palm App Catalog offers some of the best apps in the market.

A complete list of features and specifications for Pixi Plus is available at

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