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Fraunhofer's 3D posters make your fish-based advertising really pop

Tim Stevens

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The pinnacle of 3D-based content? Glasses-free, of course, and Fraunhofer has reached that level for static images -- and it plans to use it for advertising, of course. The company is talking up its new 3D posters that rely on 250,000 lenses embedded in a grooved sheet, each lens with a 2mm diameter. The effect is said to be similar to those simple "3D" lenticular postcards and cereal boxes we've all seen, but Fraunhofer promises that improved accuracy used in manufacturing here will make the resulting images far clearer, enabling the effect to be clearly seen on these five meter posters even from across the street. That's good, because when was the last time you walked up to a billboard to get a closer look?

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