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MMO Roundup: Last week on Massively

Alex Ziebart

Sometimes you'd like to know that there are other MMOs out there, right? It's not all WoW, all the time! Our sister site Massively can provide you with everything you need to know about all of the other MMOs around: past, present and future.

ArenaNet unveils the Guild Wars 2 Elementalist and combat details
The floodgates of Guild Wars 2 news have opened, and ArenaNet has revealed the first confirmed class for Guild Wars 2: the Elementalist. Not only do we get confirmation of the class, but we get an exciting amount of detail and another huge update on overall combat.

Age of Conan unveils offline leveling
Funcom has announced their new Age of Conan offline leveling mechanic, introduced in the 1.07.2 patch that hit the live servers the other day. Senior Community Manager Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz details the system in a post on the game's official forums. Have you ever wanted to level up as a reward for not playing? You're in luck!
Avatar movie producer interested in Avatar MMO
It probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise. James Cameron's Avatar caught the attention of gamers from the moment the first trailer was released. Its appearance alone was extremely familiar to anyone who's spent more than a few minutes in any number of fantasy MMOs, and the movie's plot centered around what could be called the most immersive MMO ever.

Final Fantasy XIV interview highlights breadth of feedback
While testing for Final Fantasy XIV has continued, the huge gush of news that we saw at the beginning has slowed to more of a trickle. There are player questions abounds about both the login issues plaguing the test and the necessary wonder about how much the developers are actually listening. A recent interview with Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Komoto goes into detail about the login issues as well as the feedback from various regions of testing.
Star Trek Online three month retrospective
It's been three months since the launch of Star Trek Online. It has been quite the trip since those laggy first steps (or first flights) during the game's launch. As we are wont to do with our favorite games at Massively, let's look back at STO's first few months and take stock of its past, present and future.
Fallen Earth team responds to layoff concerns
Icarus dropped quite a bombshell on the gaming world late last week with the restructuring of the Fallen Earth team. Restructuring in this case led to the layoff of the vast majority of the staff, leaving the Fallen Earth community shocked and wondering what this meant for the game. Fallen Earth Marketing Manager Jessica "Circatrix" Orr took some time out of her busy schedule to let us know where matters stand.

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