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New Hydro Thunder Hurricane pics and details wash up


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There's an old sea shanty that goes: "I'm on a boat and it's going fast and I've got a nautical-themed pashmina afghan." Which reminds us that, in Hydro Thunder Hurricane from Vector Unit, you're in a boat and you're going fast -- and while it's up to you to provide your own fine pashmina wool garment, the game will provide a couple of nifty modes not found in the arcade original (or its home conversions).

The first of these is called Ring Master. Each course in the game will feature three different layouts of floating rings that must be raced through in this slalom-style event. These "gates" will get smaller and smaller as the difficulty level grows higher. Gauntlet mode will see the courses littered with exploding barrels to avoid, boost jump over or collide with, if that's your thing. Vector Unit has also built a system into its game whereby you'll see your friends' best split times as you pass checkpoints.

We've got a whole galley gallery of new screens today as well, so give 'em a look below. And if you haven't seen the game in action yet -- or read our hands-on impressions of it -- you really need to.

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