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The Armin Van Buuren DJ game resurfaces


In the Mix Featuring Armin Van Buuren, the Wii DJ game featuring the likeness and tracks of the popular DJ, was originally set for a fall 2009 release opposite DJ Hero (which would have been awkward). Publisher Foreign Home Games smartly delayed the game, and now Amazon has it set for June 26 in Europe. There is currently no word on a release in North America.

Aussie-Nintendo posted baffling new screens of the Wii music game, revealing that the main game mode is devoid of the usual note markers, instead providing some kind of tunnel of light as its on-screen indicator. Perhaps you point at one of the corners of the screen? It also reveals that you'll be able to perform gestures to make your glowing, outlined torso "interact" with a crowd.

Over at the (coincidentally named) Australian dance music site In the Mix, you can find a list of the 61 tracks included in the game.

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