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The Behemoth serves new Castle Crashers PS3 screens and video


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The Behemoth has sent out an update about the status of the PS3 version of Castle Crashers. No, there's no release date yet. But at least the game is still in development! That's good news. "We have now sent the title off to a 3rd party vendor for final testing before we begin the submission process with Sony," The Behemoth's Kelly Revak reports.

Two new Trophies have been added to the as-yet theoretical PSN game, in addition to those being ported over from the XBLA game's Achievements. "Social Networker" is earned for an "impressive" number of volleys in the new volleyball game, and "You are insane" is awarded to those who complete the game on Insane difficulty. See how that works?

While you (continue to) to wait for the game, enjoy some footage of a volleyball match after the break, and some volleyball screenshots in the gallery.

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