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Bioware working on fix for Dragon Age PS3 freezing issue


BioWare is in the process of developing a patch to fix Dragon Age: Origins' game crashing bug caused by the PS3 firmware 3.3 update. If the thread on the BioWare forums is any indication, the developer was just as flummoxed and frustrated by the situation as the players. It appears that BioWare, after much collaboration with the community, has a patch in the works that should fix the problem.

The bad part is there is currently no timetable for the patch to make its way to the masses. If the code changes work internally, then it's off to EA for "publisher side certification testing." After that, it goes to Sony for testing. We sure hope Sony takes the BioWare team who ended up having to work extra on this out for a nice steak dinner.

[Via Kotaku, IncGamers]

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