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Medal of Honor rebooting on Oct. 12, 2010


EA's Medal of Honor franchise reboot will launch in North America on October 12th and in Europe on October 15th, the publisher has announced. Developed by EA Los Angeles, the single-player campaign thrusts a band of fictional soldiers into Afghanistan (quite a realistic upgrade from the usual Desertikistan), where they'll co-operate with the Tier 1 Operator as they tear the enemy a new one.

The multiplayer component of Medal of Honor is being developed by DICE, the studio behind Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Check back later today to catch another glimpse of the game in a new trailer entitled, "Leave a Message." (Duty just hates talking to a machine.)

Update: If you have an EA account, you can already view the new trailer on the official Medal of Honor website. If you don't, it's also on YouTube.

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