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Massively has more Fallen Earth product keys for you

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

So we at Massively heard that you all have work, school, doctor appointments, and various time zone issues that sometimes make it impossible for you to be around at the right time. When we are giving away Fallen Earth product keys, for example.

Never fear, though, because we've managed to get our hands on another 500 keys for you! Just like before, this is the full game client rather than a trial, so you'll be all set to check out patch 1.4 and join us in Embry Crossroads tomorrow night for the Blood Sports Brawl. Check out all the details on Fallen Earth's news page, and be sure to say hi to Shawn, Rubi, Sera and Edward when you arrive in-game. Our character names are Shawn, Rubi Ari, Seraphina Reymont and Knuckles McSquee -- we'll leave you to figure out who is who.

Visit our product key giveaway page to get your code, then head to the Fallen Earth site to create your account and download the client. Thanks to the Fallen Earth devs for their generosity, and we'll see you all in the wasteland!

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