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Alpha Protocol trailer demonstrates Michael Thorton's sweet karate skills


When we last saw Alpha Protocol, protagonist Michael Thorton was being formally introduced. Now, just two days later, he's pulverizing and/or murdering everything in his sight. The latest trailer, as you might have guessed, features Thorton in a variety of combat scenarios, showing off some Splinter Cell: Conviction-esque pistol takedowns and American Ninja-esque karate moves.

Immediately after watching the clip, we felt inclined to alert Mr. Thorton to one very important protip when engaging in hand-to-hand combat: leaping through the air at someone only to introduce your knee to their face is not the most effective way to start a fight. Just a thought! At very least, you kids shouldn't try pulling that off at home. Maybe in Alpha Protocol when it releases on June 1, but not physically in your home.

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