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Capcom fiscal 2011 strategy: Shorter dev cycles, more new franchises

Justin McElroy

Capcom has made a real attempt in recent years to break down the firewall between western and eastern development, something it's still struggling with if "sluggish" sales in 2009 are any indication. But according to a recent report (warning: PDF link) circulated to investors, the company's still refining its approach and hopes to "create games faster by using a hybrid approach combining internal and outsourced development."

According to the strategy report, that will translate to more new franchises from the company, -- something it hasn't had much luck with lately, with Bionic Commando, Dark Void and Spyborgs all failing to perform exceptionally well either critically or at retail. Perhaps some of these new IPs will become downloadable, as the company says it plans on digitally distributing more games in fiscal 2011.

Capcom also used the report to show high hopes for its upcoming slate of titles, with a projected 3.6 million units sold for Monster Hunter Freedom 3, 3 million for Dead Rising 2, 2.2 for Lost Planet 2 and 2 million for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. That's certainly optimistic, considering the company's biggest seller in FY 2009, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, sold 1.35 million copies.

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