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The Daily Blues


Each day will take you through all the blue posts and other Blizzard news from around the internet. From Ghostcrawler's latest posts to the lowdown on StarCraft II and Diablo III, we'll keep you informed.

In which Ghostcrawler talks CC.

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Ghostcrawler -- CC
Not every pull is going to require crowd control, but there will be pulls that require crowd control, which isn't really the case today. Once you overgear content you overgear it, and you can take shortcuts.

We're going to make sure warriors have reasonable crowd control. Redesigning Intimidating Shout is a likely candidate. Death knights may need something more reliable depending on how they shake out with the resource changes. We're making some other adjustments here and there, but for the most part every other class has something they can do.



Is this statement meant to imply that tanks will be the ones that have to CC?

There are exceptions of course and it depends a lot on your group composition and the skill of your players, but generally we assume that CC is something for which the dps players in the group are responsible.

Under that model, Mind Control works fine for priest crowd control since the healers have plenty to do already. Mind Control won't work on every type of target, but many types of crowd control have a target type limitation. We think having to approach a pull differently depending on your comp is one of those things that makes classes feel distinct from each other. It's hard to put together a 5-player dungeon group or a 10-player raid in Cataclysm that is totally helpless with regard to crowd control. If you don't like approaching encounters as puzzles to be solved, and / or really aren't interested in dungeons being challenging, then stick with normal dungeons or wait until you outgear the heroics. :)

Ghostcrawler -- Rate of Changes in Cataclysm Alpha/Beta, Death Knights
First, be realistic that the community is never going to rally around a single vision for a class, or really any design change we're considering. For every player who liked the fast pace of having to hit a button every GCD, there were plenty of others who found it tedious, repetitive and exhausting. I'm just asking you to be realistic about the accuracy of posts you read that say "Nobody was asking for this" or "This is not what we want."

The main goal of the resource change is to buy DKs some free GCDs. Currently some abilities just can't compete, even if free, because you don't have the GCD to use that button. However, it's also not the goal that DKs stand around doing nothing for long stretches because all their runes are used up and everything else is on cooldown. Being GCD locked isn't a fun place to be, for any class. You can't vary your actions at all -- in fact you are often such a slave to those actions that you have tunnel vision for your UI (even if modded) and can't react to the dynamic nature of most encounters these days. If anything messes up your rotation, say you have to move or are temporarily CC'd, then everything just falls apart.

We don't get every change in place before making an alpha or beta build. It's much like the way large patches roll out but to an even greater degree -- you'll see some changes, then some more, until the rate of change ultimately slows down right before ship. There are very few Cataclysm mechanics, and no classes, that we think are "done" yet.


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