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Blinkbox movie and TV streaming service now available on PS3


Good news for UK PS3 owners. Blinkbox, a provider of online streaming movies and TV shows, has created a new PS3-friendly version of its website. Navigating to in the PS3 internet browser will launch a specially formatted site, reminiscent of PS3-optimized versions of YouTube and BBC iPlayer. Based on a few videos we tested, we'd say the site is rather easy to navigate with the DualShock controller, and the video playback runs smoothly.

Programming available for non-UK residents is rather limited with James Earl Jones' Blood Tide as one of the few free options available for US residents. UK residents, however, can enjoy free TV series and movies, in addition to paid rentals, starting at £0.39 for a TV show and £0.99 for a movie.

It's an interesting alternative to Sony's own PlayStation Store video content, especially for those that want to instantly watch video, instead of waiting on lengthy downloads through PSN.

[Via Edge]

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