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Hey Steam users: Join the Joystiq group on Steam Community!

We're not angry ... just disappointed. No, this has nothing to do with your Jonas Brothers tattoo (which we think is oh emm gee killer, by the way) and everything to do with the fact that you haven't joined the "Joystiq" group on Steam Community. Mac users, you're excused. After all, you didn't have access to Steam until today. Just promise that you'll go here and join the group when your free copy of Portal is finished downloading, okay?

Everyone else with a Steam account, what were you thinking? You didn't want to play games with your fellow Joystiq readers, LOLing, even potentially ROFLing while discussing that "one funny thing you read" or maybe "that one Photoshop with the manatee" or ... you get it. Did you even stop to think about how we felt?

If your excuse was "it's hardly ever updated" then, well, you've got us. Guilty as charged! So we're looking to deputize some admins. If you play a ton of games on Steam and want to corral the Joystiq herd, leave a comment indicating your Steam username and why you'd be a good choice. Everyone else: join up!

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