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Nintendo investor Q&A now available in English


We hit the highlights from Satoru Iwata's investor Q&A yesterday based on a summary of the Japanese version. Nintendo has since posted an official translation of the full Q&A, so now, if you'd like, you can read Iwata's comments on the subjects of the 3DS announcement, piracy, and the future of the Wii -- at length.

" As for consumers holding off on purchases now," Iwata said in his 650-word response about the timing of the 3DS announcement, "of course I cannot say that there is no impact whatsoever." Iwata explained that he believes the effect of the 3DS news on DSi XL sales will be less than devastating because people buying 3DS hardware at launch will be early adopters who buy everything immediately, while people buying DS hardware now "tend to react relatively slowly." Probably, then, he expect 3DS sales to continue steadily across many years. Iwata further identified the UK and Japan as the "quickest" markets.

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