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Pokemon Black and White starters revealed in full color

It's never too soon to start picking out your prospective team of Pokémon for the next iteration of the franchise -- even if it's still quite a ways away from being released. Of course, the most important decision on this subject is which of the three starter 'mons you'll choose. Thanks to an image published in latest issue of CoroCoro (via The Escapist), you can now choose between the (formerly silhouetted) Pokémon Black and White starters based on which one you think it the cutest -- which is really the most important metric, isn't it?

The three Pokémon pictured above reportedly have the Japanese monikers Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru (from left to right), though they'll probably be subject to change for the English-language versions of the game. CoroCoro also revealed the somewhat older-looking trainers featured in the game, which we've posted after the jump. We're not sure what their story is, but they need haircuts in a bad, bad way.

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