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Verizon's Pixi Plus drops to free on contract

Chris Ziegler

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Say what you will about the Pixi Plus; it may not be the best smartphone in the world, and heck, it might not even be the best webOS device on the block. But you know what? When your net cash outlay is a big, fat zero, it's pretty tough to argue -- especially when you've got dumbphones running $20, $50, $100, or even more. On that note, Verizon dropped the Pixi Plus from $30 to $0 on contract after rebate this week, which makes a pretty compelling case for the thing -- if nothing else, you could just use it for its free mobile hotspot service and pay $50 less upfront than you do for a MiFi (granted, you'll be paying more month to month, but... you know, you've got an actual phone). Now, here's our question: with this kind of insane price pressure, what comes next after free?

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