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Fate for free: EQII upgrades the celebration


The party continues! If the offer of a free cosmetic armband wasn't enough to get you to log back into EverQuest II, then SOE is hoping that opening up Sentinel's Fate for all to experience will do the trick. All current EQII players now have access to the Sentinel's Fate content through tomorrow, May 14.

SOE obviously wants players to upgrade to the new expansion as well, so they're offering a variety of discounts to nudge the playerbase along. Active players can get Sentinel's Fate for $5 off the current price if they purchase it by May 30, while inactive players will receive the same offer in addition to a $5 discount for their first month's resubscription.

It's a good time to be an EverQuest II player, with the expansion pack still going strong, this celebration pulling players back in, and a decent chunk of new content on the way with the Halas Reborn patch. So head on over to EQII to get your goodies, see the new sights and secure your discount today!

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