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Get your Mac history lessons on Netflix


Although there quite a few old guys like myself who have been around since the early days of the Mac, there are a heck of a lot more people who have switched to the platform in the recent past. As such, those new to the platform might want a refresher on Mac history.

In 2008, the documentary Welcome to Macintosh appeared on the scene, introducing a new generation of Mac fans to some of the early luminaries in the Mac universe like Andy Hertzfeld and Guy Kawasaki. At Macworld Expo 2009, another documentary premiered called Macheads. This second film was tagged "a fanboy documentary," and it explored the good and bad sides of Mac love through interviews with hard core fans like Violet Blue.

I received a tip yesterday just before the start of TUAW TV Live that Macheads is now available in the Netflix Watch Instantly category along with Welcome to Macintosh. That's right -- you can watch either of the movies instantly on your Mac, or download the free Netflix iPad app and watch 'em on your newest Apple gear. Having lived through all of this history, I hadn't watched either of the movies, but since I'm a Netflix subscriber and the movies are included in the cost of admission, I've now seen them both.

Neither of the documentaries warrant repeated viewings, but they're definitely worth seeing at least once if you're a Mac fan. If you're a Netflix customer, you can now get 'em both on demand for no extra cost.

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