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'Cube' director wants to make a video game adaptation

There are few cinematic guilty pleasures we hold closer to our hearts than the Cube franchise. Here's a breakdown of the films, in case you happened to overlook them: A group of strangers must find their way out of a multi-roomed, cube-shaped prison, which is filled with gruesome, deadly traps. If you think that sounds like an awesome plot for a video game, you're not alone -- the director of the original Cube, Vincenzo Natali, recently told MTV that he'd love to make a video game adaptation of the film.

Natali told MTV that, while writing the film, he repeatedly asked, "are we writing a film or are we writing a game?" His desire to do the latter is apparently pretty strong, as he used the MTV interview to broadcast, "if there are any game designers out there, give me a call." Well, folks, you heard the man. Pick up a phone book, and let's get this thing done.

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