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Foxconn looking to hire an exorcist, Wintek dealing with lawsuit


This one's just plain weird. After being plagued with a series of suicides recently, Apple supplier Foxconn has brought in an exorcist to try and end the "negative incidents" at the plant. What a mess.

Foxconn has been called out for bad labor conditions before, and call us skeptical, but the problem probably isn't demons that need to be exorcised by a monk. Still, the company is aiming to bring in the religious ceremonies to "bring peace to employees," so hopefully it'll help.

Foxconn isn't the only Chinese Apple supplier troubled by "negative incidents" recently -- Wintek was accused by dozens of workers that a chemical used to clean iPhone screens during manufacturing made them sick. 62 workers at the plant have been hospitalized, and 44 of them claim it was due to n-hexane poisoning and are suing the company (a rarity, we're told, in China). Wintek also had to deal with a violent strike situation earlier this year over the same n-hexane issue.

So two messy situations with Apple-contracted suppliers overseas. Apple probably doesn't have the choice any more (or the responsibility, they might say) to control what these companies do, although it is troubling that people are getting hurt or even dying just to produce cheap electronics. Hopefully both of these issues will find a just resolution.

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