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George Romero's App of the Dead shambles to the App Store soon


To put it lightly, George Romero hasn't had the best of luck in recent years. His past few films haven't been that great, and the last game he had his name slapped on a game (2005's Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green), wasn't received well. We say this because his name is being slapped onto another game: App of the Dead, coming to iPhone and iPod Touch.

Developed by Additive Games, this tie-in to Romero's latest movie, Survival of the Dead (which you can actually rent right now on Amazon) offers a "unique first person shooter mechanic to lay waste to your zombified pals and loved ones." It lets you save photos of your friends and family so that you can kill them in a zombie game. That should add an interesting dynamic to the next family get-together, eh?

There's currently no timeframe for release, price, nor are there any screens or video to go on right now. With Survival of the Dead opening in theaters on May 28, we're willing to bet it'll be available for download soon. We'll keep you posted.

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