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EGM Now hires industry vet Billy Berghammer as group EIC


Aside from having an excellent last name that gives us the impression he's really into smashing hamburgers, longtime game industry veteran Billy Berghammer was announced late this past week as the group editor-in-chief of EGM Media. In his new role, he'll be overseeing both the print version of EGM Now and EGMi: The Digital Magazine. "Finding someone with Billy's expertise and knowledge of the industry is rare and we're very happy to have him guiding the editorial voice of the new Electronic Gaming Monthly," said publisher and founder Steve Harris of Berghammer in the announcement release.

Over the course of his tenure in the game industry, Berghammer served as founder of (now, managing editor of Game Informer Online, and, most recently, as editorial director of gaming at G4 Interactive. And for his part, Berghammer says he'll be focusing on creating "a talented editorial team that our readers wil recognize and respect in the same way they've trusted EGM to delivery honest analysis in the past." So, hiring more former EGM writers then? You can't fool us, Berghammer!

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