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2K responds to BioShock 2 Metro Pack DLC complaints


Joystiq has received numerous reports from BioShock 2 players who have been unable to play the new multiplayer maps since purchasing the Metro Pack DLC last week. Elizabeth Tobey, senior manager of interactive marketing for 2K, has responded to this issue on the 2K forums. It's not a glitch, but a design choice: 2K has not yet created a DLC-only online multiplayer playlist.

Said Tobey, "We couldn't assume all players would purchase the new maps, so we made a design decision to unify the player base and make sure no one got split up." In order to play a new map in a public match, explained Tobey, all players in the match must own the DLC (obviously). If anyone doesn't have the DLC, the match automatically reverts to base maps. Tobey noted that the easiest way to play the new maps would be to set up a private match and indicated in a separate thread that the development team is considering the creation of a playlist exclusively for the Metro Pack maps.

In the same thread, Tobey addressed another complaint about the new DLC involving the included Rebirth option, which lets rank 50 players reset their level in exchange for a special mask item. The feature is apparently wiping players' leaderboard ranking and online stats. Tobey assured that the BioShock 2 team is "looking into" the Rebirth issue.

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Source - 2K Forums
Source - 2K Forums

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