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Digitimes: Foxconn will ship 24 million 4G iPhones in 2010


DigiTimes reports today on Foxconn's supposed plans to ship 24 million 4G iPhones this year, starting in June. June iPhone updates have become traditional for Apple watchers (just like iPod updates in September), and most observers expect WWDC to be this year's launch date.

According to the report, the iPhones will be divvied up so that 4.5 million units go out in the first half of the year, reserving 19.5 million phones for the rest of 2010.

DigiTimes analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also suggests that the new iPhones will feature a thinner, 960×640 resolution screen, which will create room for larger batteries and exceed Android's 854×480 resolution (on the highest end). Finally, fringe-field switching (FFS) technology will improve the display's performance in sunlight and create a wider viewing angle, just in time for iBooks on the iPhone.

Note these claims with a healthy dose of your typical rumor skepticism and mark your calendars for June 7th. That's when all will be revealed. Probably.

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