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New producer interview video zooms in on Need for Speed World

Recently, EA held their super-shiny EA Showcase event across the pond, showing off -- among many other well-known upcoming EA titles -- their auto-racing MMO, Need for Speed World. While we sadly weren't able to make it there to catch all the tire-screeching action in person, EA has put out a video today offering those of us who couldn't make it a brief interview with the game's producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon.

Not only are we treated to some information on what their plans are, (hint: they're in closed beta now with the intent to launch this summer), but there is also quite a bit of in-game eyecandy footage for those who are curious to see more. With the ability to race with "thousands" of other people in the world, this could well prove a crazy addictive game for those road warriors in the Massively crew. If it sounds like your idea of awesome, you can sign up for the beta over on the official Need for Speed World site, and check out the video behind the break.

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