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T-Mobile rolls out fresh unlimited prepaid voice and text plans

Chris Ziegler

So those rumored new prepaid options for T-Mobile's American customers have turned out to be delightfully legit, and they're being made available pronto. To be specific, there are two new options coming into the fold: a $50 unlimited voice and text plan along with a $15 unlimited messaging plan that lumps in voice for 10 cents a minute -- potentially perfect for those of us who've migrated a solid 90 percent of our communication from calling to texting. It's also similar in theory to a plan being floated by Sprint's Common Cents Mobile, offering the same deal for $20 plus 7 cents per minute with its round-down feature -- in other words, Common Cents is probably the better option among the two if you do significantly more calling, though you'll be stuck with a bargain-basement selection of CDMA handsets. Both of T-Mobile's new options go live this Wednesday.

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