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Backbreaker demo blitzes Xbox Live


A demo for the Euphoria-powered, tackle-infused Backbreaker is now available on Xbox Live. The demo clocks in at 415MB and allows players to try out the training mode, an exhibition game and the "Tackle Alley" mode. Tackle Alley is an arcade-style game that has you running the ball up the field against a pre-placed set of defenders. Using Backbreaker's offensive options, it's your job to shake the defense and get the ball to the end zone.

Backbreaker also has another innovative feature: being one of the only football games that isn't Madden. Unfortunately, the team editor isn't available in the demo, so you'll have to wait for the retail release in order to create your totally fictional team that doesn't use any NFL names or trademarks. Add Backbreaker demo to your Xbox 360 download queue

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