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SWTOR reveals the Emperor in webcomic


Today marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the Empire Strikes Back. Just as in that monumental movie, the newly-revealed Emperor gives deadly instructions to his kneeling servant in Star Wars: The Old Republic's issue #3 of Blood of the Empire.

Bioware's ingenious marketing campaign of webcomics drags us to the edge of our seats again. The issue begins explosively as Sith Warrior Teneb Kel faces off against his former Master, one he claimed to love as a father. This frantic and fear-filled lightsaber duel is cut short by the Sith Council just before Kel removes his Master's head, although this does not end Kel's trials for the day. A white-robed Emperor awaits with a final test: Exal Kressh. You may recall her in the last issue as the "pure blood" Sith. Her connection to Kel is yet to be revealed, but there is no mistaking the shock on his face when the yellow-eyed Emperor asks him to kill her.

The pacing and art of this whole comic captures the audience much better than the Threat of Peace, but information just is not being revealed fast enough for the fans. To judge for yourself check out this week's edition.

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