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T-Mobile's HSPA+ network goes live in New York City

Chris Ziegler

Manhattan is in need of as much wireless love as the nation's carriers can give it -- and shy of WiMAX or LTE, the next best thing is some good, old-fashioned HSPA+ with theoretical speeds going all the way up to 21Mbps. T-Mobile was the first American carrier to aggressively pursue a national HSPA+ rollout (though AT&T has revisited its upgrade strategy more recently and decided to hit it on the way to LTE, too), and the goods have finally hit the New York City metro area. That means that Gothamites can now buy the webConnect Rocket USB stick that's been rolling out market by market over the past few months -- and while we can guarantee you that you won't see anything close to 21Mbps in practice, it's probably among the fastest wireless data solutions in town for the time being. Don't go running any web servers on it now, y'hear?

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