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Mystery Motorola Droid (Shadow?) spotted with Verizon branding, set to be starting somethin'

Ross Miller

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Why hello there... you. Over at the HowardForums, a certain "wnrussell" has uploaded a picture of what looks to be a Getting Started manual for a Verizon-bound Motorola Droid that we can't recall ever seeing before. There's unfortunately no other information provided at the moment, except maybe a hint from the filename: Shadow. Is this the same 4.3-inch phone we've been seeing rumored for some time now? At any rate, we gotta say, this is a pretty attractive device -- and if that's a new hue for Motoblur, we're all for it. Now how about pulling out a secret slide-out keyboard to make our lives complete...

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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