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Sony Online Entertainment selling Everquest 2 mounts for $25

Sony Online Entertainment, in an attempt to capitalize on the madness that stirs men's souls to purchase in-game items with real-life money, recently added three colorful Everquest 2 mounts to the Station Marketplace. For $25, you can purchase one of two versions of the mount: a Fierce Prowler, which improves its rider's combat abilities, or an Arcane Prowler, which boosts spellcasting abilities. You can check out a video of the mounts over on Shacknews.

SOE representatives claim the mounts were added to the storefront due to "player demand," which, if true, means the world has gone entirely bananacakes crazytown. We're going to go buy an economy-sized pallet of water bottles, board up our doors and windows, and go hide in our mattress fort.

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