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Japanese hardware sales, May 10 - May 16: How it Ends edition

Right when this post goes live on our site, the tropical, mysterious television series Lost should have just concluded its six-year run. We realize that for the next few weeks, that's all that fans of the show are going to want to talk about. To preempt the takeover our site by such discussion, we're turning the comments section of this post into your own personal soapbox, from which you can proclaim how disappointed/delighted you were with the finale.

We'll start things off: Holy crap! We can't believe they were all dead the whole time. Only, were they really dead, since the whole thing took place in Walt's dream? We guess that makes sense, but we can't get behind the whole "Hurley is actually an angel" plot twist. And we're still not sure about the whole Angel-Hurley spin-off series, but we'll at least give the pilot episode a shot.

Note: We actually wrote this post this afternoon, long before the episode aired. Still, we bet at least one of these things actually happened.

- PSP: 24,475 10,758 (30.53%)
- PS3: 20,463 5,722 (21.85%)
- Wii: 17,570 13,829 (44.04%)
- DSi LL: 15,879 10,854 (40.60%)
- DSi: 9,990 5,749 (36.53%)
- Xbox 360: 4,370 92 (2.15%)
- DS Lite: 2,695 1,331 (33.06%)
- PS2: 1,293 198 (13.28%)
- PSP Go: 871 593 (40.51%)

[Source: Media Create]

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