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iPhone rumor du jour: Sprint-powered this summer


Likely rumor or an AT&T customer's wishful thinking? The rumor that won't die is the end of AT&T's iPhone exclusivity in the US. We've heard the name "Verizon" bandied about, but this time it's Sprint's turn.

According to The Tech Update, a Best Buy employee sent their editors an email that CONFIRMS (in all caps no less, so it must be true) that Sprint will carry the iPhone this summer. He also expects in-store displays to confirm the change within "...a week or two." From the email:

"...our mobile manager speculates that Apple wanted to drop AT&T due to their poor service but managed to opt-out of the rest of their contract in exchange for the iPad service deal."

The "evidence" in this case points to an email which could have come from any old schmoe, really. The fact is none of us know what will happen with the iPhone in the US. Here's what we can assume: First, Apple entered into a contract with AT&T. Eventually, that contract will end and when it does, both parties will assess their experience. At that time, a change may or may not be made. For all we know, we'll be sending iSmoke signals in July.

Patience, grasshopper. All will be revealed.

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