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Killzone 3 officially announced, screenshots revealed

Guerrilla Games recently held a small press event in Amsterdam where the studio finally and officially announced Killzone 3. PlayStation Blog Europe's James Gallagher was in attendance and has reported on a handful of the revelations made during the event. Gallagher has confirmed a few of the features spoiled by forumites who had received subscriber copies of GamePro's Killzone 3-centric July issue, which is due out on newsstands June 1.

Most of the details we heard last week -- for instance, the game will have a 3D mode and feature jetpacks, which seems like one heck of a winning combination to us. You can check out the first several Killzone 3 screens in the gallery below. Rest assured, we'll be seeing a lot more of the game when it's undoubtedly featured during Sony's E3 2010 press conference next month. (We'll be sure to pack our 3-D specs.)

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